Absentee Voting

Uniformed and overseas voters

Who is Delaware's single point of contact?

David Gilefski in the Department of Elections office in New Castle County

  • Phone: (302) 577-5066

Who is a Uniformed Service or overseas voters?
  • A Uniformed Service member;
  • A Uniformed Service family member; or
  • A person who lives outside the United States.

Ask the Department of Elections office in your county if you have questions.

What is a permanent absentee voter?
  • A person who is disabled, a uniformed service member, a uniformed service family member, or a person who lives outside the United States and who requests permanent absentee status.
  • A voter who is automatically sent an absentee ballot for every election in which he/she is eligible to vote.
  • A permanent absentee voter does not have to apply for every election.
  • A permanent absentee voter must keep the Department's office in their county informed of their address, email address and other contact information.

A person remains a permanent absentee voter until:

  • Return of correspondence to the Department as undeliverable,
  • The person's death or disqualification,
  • Cancellation of the person's voter registration,
  • Upon request by the voter, or
  • If the person is no longer eligible for permanent absentee status.
How do I become a permanent absentee voter?
  • Write "Make me a permanent absentee voter" in section 6 of the FPCA.
How do I register and get my absentee ballot?

Use Vote Delaware to complete an FPCA and then follow the directions to return it to the Department's office in your county, or Send a filled out Federal Post Card Application (FPCA) to the Department's office in your county.

  • Send it no later than the 3rd Monday before an election.
  • Your application is good through the next General Election.
  • We suggest you send it before August 1st in an election year, or January 1 in the year in which a President is elected.
  • Send a new FPCA to change your party affiliation, email address, mailing address, name change or voting address.


  • Register as a Democrat or Republican to vote in the respective primary.
  • Change your party affiliation on or before the last Friday in May in the year of a General Election.
  • Change your party affiliation at least 60 days before the date of Delaware's Presidential Primary.
  • Always include a phone number, FAX number and/or email address.
  • Overseas voters will get a full ballot if overseas temporarily.
  • Overseas voters must give their overseas address.
  • Overseas voters can give a forwarding address if they want their ballot sent to an address other than their overseas address.

Get an FPCA from:

Send the filled out FPCA to the Department's office in your county:

  • By mail; FAX or email.
  • Send it by air mail if you mail it at a foreign post office.
  • Use the correct postage if you mail it at a foreign post office.
Do I have to re-register?
  • No. Voter registration is permanent.
  • You should update your registration information by sending a new FPCA if you change your mailing address, voting address, email address, name and/or party affiliation.
When do I have to reapply for an absentee ballot?
  • Before every General Election.
  • An FPCA requesting an absentee ballot is good through the next General Election.
How do I get my ballot electronically?
  • Mark the email or FAX box on the FPCA; and
  • Write an email address or FAX number on the FPCA.
  • The Department's office for your county will send you a ballot or tells you how to get it.
  • Follow the instructions sent with your ballot.
What do I do if I don't get my absentee ballot?
How do I vote and send back my ballot?
How do I send my voted ballot back securely?
  • Prepare your ballot, cover sheet and oath to return by email depending on how you received your ballot - mail, email, fax.
  • View documentation about the process.
  • Create an EGRESS account. Once you create an account you do not have to do it again.
  • Scan the cover sheet, your voted ballot and the oath onto your computer if necessary.
  • Sign-in to your EGRESS account.
  • Under Account Summary select - New Secure Email
  • Address the email to your county Department of Elections.
  • Use - Voted Absentee Ballot - as the Subject line.
  • Attach the images of the cover sheet, ballot and oath to the email.
  • Send the email to your county Department of Elections.
  • The Office receiving the ballot will confirm they received your voted ballot.
What is a Federal Write-in Absentee Ballot (FWAB)?

It is a ballot you can send to the Department's office in your county:

  • If you do not have time to have a ballot sent to you; or
  • If you do not get your ballot in time.
  • It is also a registration request if sent on or before the third Monday before an election.
  • The Departments do not count an FWAB if it gets a person's regular ballot.
Where can I get a Federal Write-in Absentee Ballot?
  • By downloading it;
  • From a Voting Assistance Officer;
  • From a United States embassy or consulate;
What email addresses should I unblock?

You should unblock emails from the following addresses depending on your county:

  • Kent County: Courtney.Rice@delaware.gov
  • New Castle County: Sarah.Denzmore@delaware.gov, David.Gilefski@delaware.gov & Gerena.Johnson@delaware.gov
  • Sussex County: Jennifer.J.Williams@delaware.gov