Absentee Voting

Delaware Citizens

What is absentee voting?
  • The way a person can vote who cannot go to a Polling Place on Election Day for a reason specified in the Delaware Code.
  • A person can vote absentee by mail or at the Department's office in their county.
Who can vote by absentee ballot?

A person who:

  • Is registered to vote;
  • Fills out and signs an Absentee Statement (Application);
  • Is unable to vote at their assigned polling place on election day due to a reason listed on the absentee ballot application. Please see the absentee ballot application for a list of acceptable reasons for voting absentee by absentee ballot.

Will the Department's office in my county mail an absentee ballot to me?

Yes, if:

  • You are registered to vote.
  • The Department's office in your county gets your application at least 4 days before the election; and
  • You filled out and signed your application
How do I get my ballot electronically?
  • Those who are sick or temporarily or permanently physically disabled may receive and return their ballot securely via email
Can I vote at the Department's office in my county?

Yes, if you:

  • Are registered to vote.
  • Go to the Department's office in your county:
    • Between 8:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. on normal business days; or
    • Before 12 Noon the day before the election;
  • Show proof of identity and address;
  • Fill out and sign an application
How do I vote my ballot and return my voted ballot?
What are the top 10 things I need to know about absentee voting?
  1. Get your ballot early. Do not wait until the last minute.
  2. Mail your voted ballot back as soon as you can.
  3. If you spoil or miss-mark your ballot contact the Department's office in your county.
  4. Fill in the ovals with blue or black ink. Do not use any other mark.
  5. Sign and date the ballot envelope.
  6. Only Democrats can vote in a Democratic Primary and Republicans in a Republican Primary.
  7. Only vote for one candidate for each office. (NOTE: You may vote for three candidates for Wilmington City Council-at-Large).
  8. Do not write on the ballot except to make your selections or correct a mistake.
  9. The Department counts almost all absentee ballots returned on time. A few ballots may not be counted for cause.
What if I have requested an absentee ballot and now want to vote at my polling place on Election Day?
  • If prior to Election Day, please contact the Elections office in your county and request to cancel your absentee ballot.
  • When you arrive at your polling place inform the poll worker that you had requested an absentee ballot
  • The poll worker will look you up on the pollbook and check your voting status:
    • If you requested an absentee ballot, but have not returned it, a poll worker will contact the Department to cancel your absentee ballot and you will be permitted to vote at the polling place.
    • If your ballot had already been returned to the Department and is being prepared to be counted, you will not be permitted to vote at the polling place.