Voter Registration Totals

Voter Registration Totals by Representative District, Senate District, and Political Party


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Registered Voter Totals by Month for 2023:

*No Party-AVR: This party affiliation refers to those individuals registered to vote per the provisions of Delaware Code, Title 15, Section 2050A (Automatic Voter Registration [AVR] at the Division of Motor Vehicles and other agencies). Individuals registered via this Code provision are registered as No Party and are noted in the voter registration reports as “No Party - AVR”. These voters may affiliate with a political party through the date of the first primary election following their registration via AVR. If these voters choose not to affiliate with a political party by the date of the first primary following their registration via AVR, their party affiliation will be updated to: “No Party”, and they will be eligible to affiliate with a political party, if they wish, during any period in which party affiliation changes are permitted per Delaware Code.