We are a public, non-partisan group. Our steering committee members are drawn from interested individuals, representatives of the state community, government and educational groups. We welcome persons who wish to serve the Delaware community by inspiring our young people to learn and to vote.

Each year the Mock Election Steering Committee sets goals and objectives that are linked to the Department of Education's Educational Standards for Social Studies, as well as, current information for young people about elections and voting. The curriculum is written locally by Delaware teachers.

Over time this project has become larger with more participants. The voting process is completely electronic. Our long term goal is for all students in Delaware's public, private or parochial schools to achieve 100% participation in voting during the Mock Election. The election ends with a convention at Legislative Hall. Two student delegates from each school district come to the convention to read their district's election results. Delaware's election results are reported to the National Student/Parent Mock Election organization who is responsible for reporting the nationwide mock election results.