An opportunity to serve your community and earn some money!

The State of Delaware needs more than 3,200 Election Officers to staff polling places for the General Election. This is a unique opportunity to serve your community by participating in the electoral process!

  • Fewer Election Officers are needed for the Primary. The Department will not know the number until the offices on the Primary ballot have been finalized.
  • There are also opportunities to work during School Board, School Referenda and Special Elections. County elections offices staff the polling places for Primary and General Elections from each office’s list of available election officers.
  • Election Officers will be assigned to work at a polling place within the county where they live, with this exception: The Department may allow college students registered to vote in Delaware to work at a Polling Place in the county where they are attending college at least half-time, even if it is not in the county in which they are registered to vote.

How to apply

  1. Delaware registered voters: fill out and send an Election Officer Application Election Officer Application to the Election Office in the county where you live.
  2. If you are not yet 18 years old, you must have your parent/guardian also sign your application.
  3. College students attending school in a county other than where they are registered, must send their application to the Election Office in the county where they want to work.


  • Inspector: $235
  • Judges: $195
  • Clerks: $190

Tax Information for Election Officers

  • Delaware sends W2s to Election Officers who are paid more than $599.99 in a calendar year.
  • Election Officers paid less than $600 as an Election Officer will get a W2 if another payment for a service to the State kicks their earnings above $599.99.
  • Election Officers who do not get a W2 should report their Election Officer earnings on their tax return.
  • Election Officers who live or work at a polling place in Wilmington should pay the City's Wage Tax on those earnings.

Work schedule

  • Arrive at 6 a.m. in order to open the polls at 7 a.m.
  • The polls close at 8 p.m., but Election Officers stay until the work is done - usually about 9:30 p.m.
  • Election Officers work all day. There are no split shifts. Election Officers cannot leave the polling place at any time while the polls are open.

Election Officer responsibilities & duties


  • Attend training before each election to learn polling site and voting machine procedures.
  • Read the Election Officer Manual and other materials received at training and/or were sent to you.
  • Take your manuals, signs, supplies, meals, snacks and beverages to the polling place.
  • Arrive at the polling place on time and with a positive attitude.
  • Help open the polling place and set-up poll books and voting machines.
  • Update the Poll Lists with information regarding absentee ballots as directed in your training and written procedures.
  • Open the polls to voters at the scheduled time.
  • Willingly, in a friendly and professional manner, assist voters who ask for or need it.
  • Process voters and/or operate a voting machine.
  • Work at the Help Desk.
  • Help close the polls. Close the doors to the polling place at the official closing time, but let voters in line at the official closing time to vote.
  • Help pack election supplies.


  • In addition to the items listed for everyone, the Inspector performs the tasks listed below.
  • The Inspector is the person in charge of the polling place on Election Day.
  • Visit the polling place before Election Day.
  • Pick up any needed materials indicated on the Inspector Memo and Supplemental Instructions at the time and place in the instructions given to you.
  • Call the Election Officers working with you to confirm that they are working, coordinate meals, etc.
  • Notify the Elections Unit of any problems.
  • Supervise and assist as necessary setting up the polling place, setting up the poll books and voting machines, installing signs, and opening the polling place to voters at the scheduled time.
  • Supervise/manage the processing of voters.
  • Coordinate with the Department of Elections as needed.
  • With the Judges, decide challenges and other issues.
  • Supervise closing the polls at the scheduled time; and closing the doors to the polling place at the scheduled time, but letting voters in line at the scheduled time vote.
  • Supervise closing the voting machines, and dispatching a Clerk with the Election USB Pouch containing the election machine USBs from each voting machine to the assigned Zone Reporting Station.
  • Return election supplies to a designated drop-off point immediately after closing the polling place and releasing the remaining Election Officers.


  • There are two judges, each from a different political party.
  • With the Inspector, decide challenges and other issues.
  • Other duties assigned by the Inspector and listed above under Everyone.
  • If the Inspector leaves a message for you before an election, promptly call him/her back.


  • The number of clerks depends on the number of voting machines assigned to the polling place.
  • If asked, take the Election USB Pouch to the assigned Zone Reporting Station.
  • Other duties assigned by the Inspector and listed above under Everyone.
  • If the Inspector leaves a message for you before an election, promptly call him/her back.

County Office contact information

Kent County: Phone: (302) 739-4498, Fax: (302) 739-4515,, or mail: ATTN: Election Officer Team, Department of Elections - Kent County Office,100 Enterprise Pl STE 5, Dover DE 19904-8802

New Castle County: Phone: (302) 577-3464, Fax: (302) 577-6545,, or mail: ATTN: Elections Unit, Department of Elections - New Castle County Office, 820 N French ST STE 400, Wilmington DE 19801-3531

Sussex County: Phone: (302) 856-5367, Fax: (302) 856-5082,, or mail: ATTN: Elections Unit, Department of Elections - Sussex County Office, P.O. Box 457, Georgetown DE 19947-0457


The success or failure of any election depends on the Election Officers who serve in polling places on Election Day. They must be aware of Federal and State election laws, and the importance of providing non-partisan customer service as part of a team of fellow citizens. Training is vital. We take it very seriously and expect our Election Officers to do the same.

  • The Delaware Code requires training before each election.
  • The County Office that appoints you will let you know when and where they will train you.
  • The Department provides a manual and checklist for each worker that he/she needs to follow on Election Day.
  • The number of classes depends on the size of the election and may include daytime, evening and weekend options.
  • You only need to attend one of the scheduled classes before each election.

Training Schedule for 2022 General Election: